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Our Story

“if I want a good and safe product, other's will too.”

CharLee’s Body Butter is a minority and woman-owned vegan body care company based in St. Louis, Missouri.

Each product is meticulously made by hand in small batches every week.


Owner and creator Danielle Fogg, a St. Louis native, has been crafting body butters since 2012. Danielle initially started the company due to adverse reactions to standard in-store products and an inability to find brands that would work for her very sensitive skin. As she started researching ingredients, she realized that many products contained components that were synthetic or chemical-forward. She wanted better options, but had a hard time finding them. She began to make her own body butters. Soon she was gifting her creations to family, friends and neighbors because she thought, “if I want a good and safe product, other's will too.”

In 2022, after nearly a decade of researching, investigating, crafting and testing various plant-derived ingredients, Danielle formally launched CharLee’s Body Butter as a vegan body care company. By this time, news of her vegan goods was spreading around the city and people were sent to her by referrals. The pandemic allowed for the opportunity to expand her business and pursue her dream full-time.

Danielle is constantly creating and new products are always in development. Items may be phased out based on availability of ingredients and customer response.


CharLee’s Body Butter looks forward to serving you with your vegan body care needs!


Small Batch Vegan Body Care Essentials 

CharLee's Body Butter

Danielle Fogg

Founder/Owner/ Creator

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